Benzisothiazolinone (BIT) Biocide

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Benzisothiazolinone (BIT) biocide has a good bactericidal capacity. Benzisothiazolinone is an important bactericide and antiseptic. It can restrain microbe (fungi, germ, algae, etc.) growing in an organic medium.

The BIT biocide can resolve any problem caused by microbe growing in organic products. Such as mildewing, degeneration, go bad. It is stable over a broad pH range of 4-12 and a broad temperature range.

Benzisothiazolinone is miscible in water and most of the low alcohols and glycols.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Structure Formula:

benzisothiazolinone structure formula


Item Index
Appearance Slight yellow powder
Purity (HPLC) 98% Min.
Water 15% Max.
Melting Point 155-158 deg. C
pH (1% solution)   8.0-10.0


Benzisothiazolinone (BIT) biocide can be used to control the growth of microorganisms in emulsion paints, adhesives, concrete additives, and other water treatment formulations.

Using quantum: 0.03~0.3% (w/w)

Packing and Storage:

25kg fiber drum.


Low toxicity. No irritation to the eyes and skin.


Proxel bd20, Acticide BIT, Apizas AP-DS, Bestcide 200K, Bioban BIT 20DPG, Canguard BIT, Canguard BIT 20DPG.


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