Glyoxal 40%

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Glyoxal 40% is colorless transparent liquid or liquid with low chroma. Glyoxal density is 1.265-1.270. Glyoxal can be dissolved with water, slightly soluble in ethanol, aether, slightly soluble in esters, aromatic solvents.

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Glyoxal Formula


Item Top-grade First-grade Industry-grade
Chroma Pt-Co unit Color No. 10# Max. 15# Max. 15# Max.
Glyoxal 40±0.5% Min. 40±0.5% Min. 40±0.5% Min.
Acid (based on formic acid) 0.1% Max. 0.15% Max. 0.2% Max.
Aldehyde (based on formaldehyde) 0.1% Max. 0.2% Max. 0.3% Max.
Glycol 1.0% Max. 1.5% Max. 1.5% Max.


Glyoxal 40 is a kind of fine chemical product with a wide range of applications. Glyoxal is mainly used in chemical, medicine, paper making, flavor, coating, adhesive and daily-use chemical, etc. Glyoxal 40 solutions can be directly synthesized into imidazole, 2-methylimidazole, glyoxalic acid, textile finishing agent, iron-free resin and paper making auxiliaries, etc.

Packing and Storage:

200L plastic pail.

Glyoxal 40 should be stored in a cool, dry, and draughty place.


Glyoxal, Qxalie aldehyde 1 2-Ethanedione, Glyoxylaldehyd.


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