Morpholine is a colorless and hygroscopic liquid at normal temperature. It smells special ammonia. Morpholine can be soluble in any volume of water and in such organic solvents. Such as aromatic hydrocarbon, alcohol, ketone, aether, and other organic solvents.

Morpholine is slightly soluble in mineral oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon. It has slight toxicity. It reacts with an inorganic acid to generate salt, with an organic acid to generate salt or acylamide. The morpholine chemical can take alkylation reaction and Willgerodt reaction. It also can react with epoxyethane and ketone and take the Willgerodt reaction.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Structure Formula:

morpholine structure formula


Purity (by Gas Chromatography)99.5% Min.
Color (Platinum-Cobalt)10#
Water0.2% Max.
Specific gravity (20°C)1.001 – 1.003g/cm3
Freezing point-4.9°C
Boiling range126-129°C
Viscosity (20°C) 2.5CP


Morpholine is mainly used to manufacture rubber accelerant (such as NOBS, OTOS, and MDS), sulfuration agent (like DT-DM), cleanser, descaling agent, antirust, anti-scorching agent, antiseptic, surfactant, textile printing & dyeing agent, optical bleaching agent, chemical plating bath, antioxidant, hydrolyzing agent, initiator, developer, fruit preserving agent, deodorizer, brightener, and organic solvents. Its applications are very wide. Its application in such fields as medicine, pesticide, animal medicine, petroleum, and extraction of coke aromatic hydrocarbon has been ceaselessly developed and carried out.

In foreign countries, a great deal of morpholine is used for antirust, descaling, and metal cleaning, especially for antirust and anticorrosive in high-temperature conditions. In boiler maintenance fields, amount of morpholine is also used as a descaling agent. Owing to its unique chemical characters, morpholine has become one of the most important fine petroleum chemical products and its applications are very wide.


Packed in 200kg drums or as per customer requirement, keep dry.

200l plastic drum


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