Aminosulfonic Acid, Sulfamic Acid


Aminosulfonic acid is also known as sulfamic acid. It is a white orthorhombic crystal and nonvolatile, nonhygroscopic, and smell-less. The sulfamic acid has high stability at normal temperatures. And it can maintain its original quality for several years and is freely soluble in water and liquid ammonia, strongly acidic in water solution.

Aminosulfonic acid is slightly soluble in methanol, and insoluble in ethanol and ether. Characteristics of double functional groups of amino gen and sulphonic radical may go on a chemical reaction with many matters. Its melting point is 205℃. And the decomposing temperature is 209℃.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Structure Formula:

sulfamic acid structure formula


AppearanceColorless or white crystal
Sulfamic Acid, %99.6 Min.
Sulfate (SO42-), %0.05 Max.
Iron (Fe3+), %0.006 Max.
Loss on drying, %0.05 Max.
Insoluble in water, %0.02 Max.


Aminosulfonic acid can be used as an amphoteric surfactant, metal parts cleaning agents, cyclamate sweeteners, paper pulp bleachers, fire retarders, chlorine (sterilization) stabilizers, and electroplating additives.

Sulfamic acid can get away with surface oxide. So it can clean the boiler and sterilize bacterium in water, bleach fiber, wood, and paper, and remove nitrate in tobacco. Aminosulfonic acid can also be used as raw material for pesticide intermediate.

Cleaning agent

Aminosulfonic acid cleaning agent has a wide range of applications. It can clean scale and rust in boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, jackets, and chemical pipelines. The United States Department of Agriculture permits using sulfamic acid as an acid cleaner in fresh meat, poultry, rabbit, and egg processing facilities.

Textile Industry

Aminosulfonic acid can eliminate excess nitrate in diazotization reactions in the dye industry and as a fixative in textile dyeing. It can also form a fireproof layer on textiles, and sulfamic acid can make yarn-cleaning agents and other auxiliaries in the textile industry.

Paper Industry

Sulfamic acid can be used as a bleaching aid. It can reduce or eliminate the catalysis of heavy metal ions in the bleaching liquor, thereby ensuring the quality of the bleaching liquor, reducing the oxidation and degradation of metal ions on fibers, preventing the peeling reaction of fibers, and improving the strength and whiteness of pulp.

Petroleum Industry

Aminosulfonic acid can be used to remove the plugging and improve the permeability of the reservoir. A sulfamic acid solution is injected into a carbonate-producing formation to double oil production.


Sulfamic acid and ammonium sulfamate were originally developed as herbicides. They are said to have an exposure effect when applied directly to plants; when applied to the soil, it has a male-killing effect.

Electroplating solution

Sulfamic acid is commonly used in gold or alloy plating. Italy has replaced the fluorosilicic acid bath with a lead sulfamate bath. This will reduce pollution.

Packing and Storage:

Normally packed in 25kgs net PE bag. Storage for one year in a room shady and dry place.

25kg paper bags


Amidosulfuric acid, Sulfamic acid descaler, Sulphamidic acid, Sulfamidic acid, Sulfamic acid.


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