Cyclohexylamine (CHA), Aminocyclohexane


Cyclohexylamine (CHA) is colorless to a pale yellow clear liquid, with no visible impurities. It is also called Aminocyclohexane. This corrosion inhibitor has a strange odor. Cyclohexylamine is a strong organic caustic liquid. It can form an azeotrope with water at 96.40°C, miscible with a lot of organic solvents.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


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Structure Formula:

Cyclohexylamine structure formula


Item Index
Appearance Colorless liquid and smelly odor
Purity, % 99.5
Relative Density (25℃), g/cm3 0.87
Boiling point, ℃ 134.5
Flashpoint (open), ℃ 32.22
Melting Point, ℃ -17~-18
Refractive Index 1.4585


Cyclohexylamine is used as an intermediate for organic synthesis. Additionally, it could also be especially used for herbicides, antioxidants & vulcanization accelerators, corrosion inhibitors, artificial sweeteners, and so on.

Packing and Storage:

Sealed, in the metal pail, 150kg or 170kg/drum.

Cyclohexylamine should be packed in a cool, dry, and airiness place, far away from fire and heat, toxic chemicals.


Aminocyclohexane, hexahydrobenzene, benzenamine, CHA.


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