Applied DBNPA in the feed water of integrated membrane systems to evaluate the impact on pressure drop increase and chemical cleaning frequency. A continuous high DBNPA dosage of 20 mg/L on fouled membranes caused a significant decrease in cleaning frequency due to the stabilization of the pressure drop. What is the feed rate of DBNPA […]

It is nearly all plastics require to be shielded from direct exposure to sunshine or various other outside climate condition. Plastics with UV absorbers prevent or reduce the negative outcomes of UV light. Plastic items like plates, cords, pipelines, and various other thick products. Ultraviolet radiation is the key factor of plastic photoaging. The power […]

Glyoxylic acid can be used for hair care and treatment. More precisely, allantoin, synthesized from glyoxylic acid, can be used as a special additive to hair care products with good results for hair care. Known methods used to straighten curly or coily hair include the use of straightening irons. The high temperature of the iron […]

Glyoxylic acid consists of an aldehyde group (-CHO) and a carboxyl group (-COOH). Glyoxylic acid structural formula is HOCCOOH. Glyoxylic acid molecular formula is C2H2O3. molecular weight is 74.04. Glycolic acid is mainly used as a flavoring agent and fixing agent for cosmetics, flavoring agent for daily chemicals, and flavoring agent for food. It is […]