Polycarboxylic Acid Water-Reducing Agent


Polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent is a kind of concrete superplasticizer with good comprehensive properties and good perspective. It is a composite admixture of polycarboxylate copolymers and other auxiliaries. Compared with other similar products, this product is better in its performance and performance/cost ratio.

  1. Low dosage and high range of water reduction efficiency. Its water reduction efficiency can be up to 45%.
  2. High slump-retaining ability. Slump loss of the concrete is less than 5% in 1h and less than 10% in 2h.
  3. High compressive strengths. It can increase the compressive strengths of concrete by 50-110% in 3 days, 40-80% in 28 days, 30-60% in 90 days.
  4. Excellent workability. High ability against bleeding or segregation, low resistance, and easy pumping.
  5. Suitable bubble content, no bad influence on the concrete modulus of elasticity, good freeze resistance.
  6. Less than 0.2% alkali content.
  7. Nontoxic, no formaldehyde, and no pollution.
  8. Stable performance, no delamination, and no sedimentation for long storage period, no crystallization in low temperature.
  9. High compatibility, compatibly with many cement types and mineral admixtures, particularly fit for high durability concrete and self-compacting concrete.


AppearanceLight brown liquid
Solid content, %20±1
Density (20℃), g/ml1.09±0.02
Cement paste fluidity (cement base), mm250 (W/C=0.29)
pH value (1% water solution)6~8
Chloride, %0.02 Max.
Alkali (Na2O+0.658K2O), %0.2 Max.


  1. The dosage is 0.4-2.0% of the cementitious materials by weight, normally 0.4-1.2%. Do concrete mixture tests beforehand.
  2. No mixture with naphthalene-base water-reducer. Compatibility tests should be conducted beforehand when mixed with other auxiliaries.
  3. Slump retention is sensitive to water, water content should be strictly controlled.
  4. Concrete cures should be paid attention to.


Polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent is suitable for pumping or normal concrete engineering of C15-C60, particularly for engineering with high durability, excellent fluidity, strong slump retention ability, and excellent aesthetic appearance. For high fluidity, self-compacting, and as-cast finish concrete, this product is a good choice.

Packing and Storage:

Liquid, package in barrel, storage for one year in a dry and shady place, avoiding frost.


superplasticizer, Concrete superplasticizer