Glyoxylic acid can be used for hair care and treatment. More precisely, allantoin, synthesized from glyoxylic acid, can be used as a special additive to hair care products with good results for hair care.

Known methods used to straighten curly or coily hair include the use of straightening irons. The high temperature of the iron causes the breakage of hydrogen bonds in the hair keratin. A temporary straightening is thus achieved. However, due to moisture, hydrogen bonds are formed again. Due to the humidity of the air, the hair returns to its original shape over time. And after shampooing, the effect of previous straightening disappears.

Hair straightener is a chemical agent that straightens hair that is naturally curly or shaped by chemical perming.

The shape of hair is largely determined by the disulfide bonds that connect the two cysteine parts of hair keratin. To achieve more permanent hair styling, the method includes the cleavage of the disulfide bond by the action of a reducing agent containing a thioether group or a thio-substituted group. After making the hair into the desired shape, new disulfide bonds are formed by using an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide. The shape of the hair is thus fixed. As examples of such hair styling treatments, reducing compositions comprising mercaptoacetate (salt) or mercaptolactate (salt) as reducing agent and fixing compositions comprising hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agent are described. The reducing composition may also contain a salt of glyoxylic acid as a buffering agent.

As an alternative to the two-step reductive oxidation method described above, the disulfide bridge bond can be cleaved by using a basic reagent example with a pH of about 11 or higher. such as sodium hydroxide. Under these conditions, the disulfide (or cystine) fraction can undergo disproportionation with the sulfur removed and cleaved into α-β_unsaturated dehydroalanine fraction and cysteine fraction. After the hair becomes the desired form, the dehydroalanine portion and the cysteine portion form a thioether bond and combine to form wool thionine. This results in a stable hair straightening state. Since the disulfide or cysteine fraction is transformed into the wool thionine fraction, this type of hair straightening method using an alkaline reagent type is also known as wool thionation (Ianthionization).

Both the two-stage reduction/oxidation method and the lanolin thionation method rely on the cleavage of disulfide bonds and the formation of new bonds between hair proteins. This causes an irreversible change in hair morphology. This means that these methods are capable of achieving long-lasting straightening results. In which the treated hair partly retains its shape and the straightening effect disappears only due to hair growth.

Compared to other chemical straightening agents, glyoxylic acid has semi-permanent hair straightening properties. Glyoxylic acid does not damage hair or cause scalp irritation. Hence, the adoption of glyoxylic acid in the personal care industry is increasing, thereby contributing to the growth of the global glyoxylic acid market.

Allantoin is a benign compound when it comes to hair conditioning and treatment. The product of this glyoxylic acid binds a variety of substances to form complex salts. It keeps the skin hydrated, moisturized, and soft. Allantoin is used as a product of glyoxylic acid, which is a special additive in cosmetics such as hairdressing. Allantoin is widely used as an additive in shampoos and hair conditioners. Hair care products with allantoin added have the functions of protecting hair tissues, hydrophilic, water absorption and preventing water dispersion. Hair lotion, hair cream and shampoo with allantoin added have a protective effect on hair. It can make the hair free from split ends and hair extensions.

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