Fe EDDHA 6%, EDDHA Iron Chelate


EDDHA-Fe 6% is a pure solid product in deep brown powder. And this EDDHA iron chelate can also perform as a yellow viscous, not transparent liquid or transparent liquid bleeds shape with different pH solutions.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


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Structure Formula:

EDDHA Fe 6% structure formula


AppearanceDeep brown powder or micro-granules
Ortho-Ortho Content30%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%
Solubility g/L (20°C)60
pH Value (1% solution)7-9


EDDHA-Fe 6% is used in agriculture and garden, foliar & base. It can be used as a supplement iron micronutrient for plants. EDDHA Fe 6% is the source of iron micronutrients for plant growth. The disorders like iron colorists will occur in plants. That will cause production in a reduction in yields.

EDDHA Fe 6% is a micro iron chelate. And this EDDHA iron chelate is developed to correct and prevent iron deficiency in agricultural and horticultural crops, particularly in alkaline and calcareous soils.


25 kg kraft bag, with neutral marks printed in the bag. And according to the customers’ requirements.

25kg paper bags


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