IR-2100 Carboxylate-Sulfonate Copolymer


IR-2100 is a good anti-scaling efficiency against calcium carbonate, sulfate, and oxalate. IR-2100 has exceptional stability in hypochlorite presence and very strong dispersant activity. IR-2100 has good thermal stability and no phosphorus – meets discharge after legislation requirements.


AppearanceClear solution to slightly hazy
Chemical NatureCarboxylate/Sulfonate Copolymer
Average Molecular Weight11000 (Mw)
Solid content, %37
Density (20℃), g/cm31.15 Min.
pH Value (at 25°C)4.0-5.0
Viscosity Brookfield (at 25°C), mPa.s/cps100-300


IR-2100 is a copolymer that functions as a scale inhibitor and dispersant by combining strong acid (sulfonate) and weak acid (carboxylate), providing optimal anti-scale/dispersant efficiency. IR-2100 can be mainly used in industrial water treatment and pulp& water processes.

Packing and Storage:

Normally IR-2100 can be packed in 250kg net plastic drums. IBC drums can also be used as required. Storage for ten months in a shady room and dry place.

200l plastic drum 1000l IBC


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