IR-241 Acrylic Acid/Acrylate/Phosphonic Acid/Sulfosalt Tetra-copolymer


IR-241 is a copolymer of the carboxylic group, hydroxylic group, and sulfonic acid group, it has good scale inhibition performance to calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. IR-241 has good synergic effects with other agents. IR-241 is used as a scale inhibitor and dispersant in circulating cool water systems and built with organophosphates.


AppearanceColorless or light yellow viscous liquid
Solid content, %35.0 Min.
Free monomer (CH2=CH-COOH), %0.5 Max.
Density (20℃), g/cm31.1~1.2
pH (1%  solution)7.5±1.0


Normally, the dosage of 5~25mg/L is preferred. When built with organophosphates, the dosage of 1-10mg/L is preferred, the suitable pH value is 7.0-9.5.

Packing and Storage:

Normally in 250kg net plastic drums, IBC drums can also be used as required. Storage for one year in room shady and dry place.

200l plastic drum 1000l IBC


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