Water Decoloring Agent


The water decoloring agent is a quaternary cationic polymer specialized for decoloring, flocculating, COD decreasing, and other applications.


AppearanceColorless to light-yellow viscose liquid
SolubilitySoluble easily in water
Effective Content50±1%
pH Value3.0-5.5
Viscosity (25ºC)50 –250cps


Water decoloring agent is mainly used for color removal treatment for high-coloring wastewater from dyestuffs plants. It is suitable to treat wastewater with activated, acidic, and dispersed dyestuffs.

Water decoloring agents can also be used to treat wastewater from the textile and dye houses, pigment, printing ink, and paper industries.

Water decoloring agents also can be used in the production process of paper&pulp as a retention agent.

The water decoloring agent should be diluted with 10-40 times water and dosed directly into the wastewater. After being mixed for several minutes, it can be precipitated or air-floated to become clear water; The pH value of the wastewater should be adjusted to 7-10 for a better result. When the coloring and COD are relatively high, a water decoloring agent can be used with the help of poly aluminum chloride but not mixed. In this way, the treatment cost can be lowered.

Packing and Storage:

Water decoloring agent is available in 200kg/plastic drum or 1000kg/IBC drum.

200l plastic drum 1000l IBC

Water decoloring agent should be stored in cool (4-30℃) to avoid frozen and heat. We certify that the water decoloring agent storage will meet sales specifications for 12 months from manufacture.


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