Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS), Purity 99.5%, 624-92-0



Dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) is an effective product with high sulfur content. It is a pale yellow transparent liquid with a strong garlic-like odor. The DMDS chemical’s flashpoint (CC) is 15°C, M.P. -84.72°C, B.P.108-110°C.

CAS No.: 624-92-0

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Structure Formula:

dimethyl disulfide structure formula


Purity99.5% Min.
AppearanceColorless or light yellow liquid
Methanethiol0.1% Max.
Specific weight (20/4°C)1.062
Water content0.06% Max.


Dimethyl disulfide is widely used in organic synthesis and pesticide intermediates. This DMDS chemical also used as corrosion inhibitors and scorch retarders of ethane depolymerizing furnaces. As a vulcanizing agent in the gasoline hydrogenation. As a solvent, softening agent, and plasticizer in the rubber industry, etc.

Packing and Storage:

In 200kg plastic drum; or in 200kg iron drum; or in 21-23 cubic meters ISO tank.

200l plastic drum ISO tank

Hazard Class:

3; UN Number: 2381; Packing Group: I


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