IR-830 Organic Silicon Surface Additive (equivalent to BYK-310)


IR-830Polyester modified polydimethylsiloxane solution (equivalent to BYK-310)

Typical Properties

Density at 20°C, g/mlNon-volatile matter, %Flashpoint, °CSolvent
These properties are provided as typical properties. NOT THE PRODUCTS TECHNICAL INDEX.

Proposed Dosages

Dosage based upon total formulation, %
IR-8300.05-0.3, in the solvent-free system, can up to 0.5

Addition Methods&Process Technology Instructions

IR-830 can be added during any production stage, including post-addition.


IR-830 provides a strong reduction in surface tension of paint systems, especially for improving substrate wetting and avoiding cratering. Additionally, surface slip and gloss are increased. Compared to silicone oils, IR-830 is user-friendly. However, please test the foam stability through a series of experiments before use. Additionally, it is necessary to assess its recoatability and shrinkage cavity tendency.


IR-830 is widely used in solvent-free and solvent-borne coating systems, printing inks, adhesive systems, and ambient-curing plastic systems. It belongs to thermal-stable organo-silicone auxiliaries, and will not decompose between 150-230℃. This is different from traditional organic silicon. Thus, surface defect and adhesion reduction will not happen when recoating.

Packing and Storage

Packed in iron drums of 25 or 200kg net each. The validity period is 12 months in sealed containers. Separation or turbidity may occur at temperatures below 5°C.