IR-825 Silicone Surface Additive (equivalent to BYK-325)


IR-825Polyether modified polymethyl alkyl siloxane solution (equivalent to BYK-325)

Typical Properties:

Density at 20°C, g/mlNon-volatile matter, %Flashpoint, °C
Solvents: alkylbenzenes/butyrolactone 1/1
These properties are provided as typical properties. Not the product technical index.

Proposed Dosages:

Dosage based upon inorganic pigments, %


These additives slightly reduce the surface tension of paint systems, which thus improves flow and leveling and displays partial defoaming properties. Additionally, they prevent “Bénard Cell” formation.


Solvent-borne coatingsAqueous coatings

Addition Methods&Process Technology Instructions:

These additives can be added during any production process, including post-addition.

Special Features:

IR-825IR-825 prevents ghosting (wipe-marks) if recoated with the same paint. It neither causes rewetting problems nor influences recoatability.


Packed in iron drums of 25 or 200kg net each. The validity period is 12 months in sealed containers.

metal drum

Special Notes:

IR-825Products may become solid if temperatures are below 15°C.
Heat up to <50°C and mix well before use.