Potassium Polyacrylamide


Potassium polyacrylamide is a white or light yellow powder. It is co-polymerized by many unsaturated monomers and retards shale hydration and dispersion.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


Structure Formula:

potassium polyacrylate structure formula


AppearanceWhite or light yellow fluid powder
Residue on sieve10.0% Max.
Moisture10.0% Max.
Purity75.0% Min.
Sol. in water27.0-35.0%
Potassium content11.0% Min.
Chlorine ion7.0% Max.
Intrinsic viscosity, 100ml/g6.0 Min.
Core linear dilatation slip40.0 Min.


Potassium polyacrylamide is used in the oil drilling industry because potassium polyacrylate has good compatibility with various sludge treatment agents like polyacrylamide.

Potassium polyacrylate can change the rheological characteristic of drilling fluid. Thus it is suitable for plumb shafts, horizontal wells, deep shafts, etc.

Packing and Storage:

Potassium polyacrylate is usually kept in a compound or multi-wall bag with a net weight of 25 KG. Customized packing can be offered.

25kg paper bags

Potassium polyacrylate should be kept in a shady, dry, ventilated warehouse. It should be prevented from sun and rain and positioned in someplace away from heat and fire; the recommendation for bag piles is no more than three layers.

The expiration period is 12 months. In addition, potassium polyacrylamide should not be utilized unless qualified if out of expiration.


K-PAM, Polyacrylamide acid potassium salt, China polyacrylamide.


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