EP-A Pipeline Drag Reducing Agent


EP-A pipeline drag-reducing agent is a hydrocarbon polymer that dissolves in crude oil and petroleum products. It comprises a long-chain poly (α-olefin) in vegetable oil as a carrier.


AppearanceViscous liquid
Brookfield viscosity (20°C)< 300cps
Specific gravity0.88-0.91
Solubility in waterNo


EP-A pipeline drag-reducing agent may be injected using injection pump systems and nozzles. It should be injected into the pipeline downstream of the main charge pumps. The injection rate will depend on many factors, including performance required, viscosity, wax/water content of the oil, etc. This drag-reducing agent should be used strictly, as we recommended for the application under consideration.

Packing and Storage:

EP-A drag-reducing agent is supplied in 1000-liter tote tanks and 24000-liter ISO containers. Mild steel is suitable for containers and fluid-contacting parts. Stainless steel is preferred for ease of cleaning.

1000l IBC    ISO tank


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