Polyquaternium-6, Polyquat-6



Polyquaternium-6 gathers electrolytes for the strong cation. Polyquaternium-6 is easy to dissolve in water but not easy to combust. It has strong coagulate dint and good water solution stability.

Polyquaternium-6 doesn’t become gel and keeps stable in the wide pH range. Anti-chlorine and high charge density make it an ideal product for hair stems. Polyquaternium-6 can also be applied in hair and skincare.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


Structure Formula:

polyquaternium-6 strcture formula


AppearanceColorless to light yellow clear viscous liquid
ScentFaint aldehydic smell
pH value (1% water solution, 25°C)5-8
Viscosity (25°C)5000–25000cps
Freezing Point-2.8°C
Specific Weight1.04g/cm3
Resolve Temperature280-300°C


  1. Polyquaternium-6 is a kind of homopolymer with high cationic activity. It can provide an excellent conditioning effect for hair even in low concentrations. In most shampoos, bleach, hair colorant, and hair spray, the concentration generally is 0.5%~1%.
  2. Polyquaternium-6 can offer moist, glossy, and rich foam. In addition, it can make the wet hair more smooth for combing and the antistatic ability and give hair a smooth, silky, and lustrous touch.
  3. Added into moisturizing cream, bath form, shaving cream, and deodorant, Polyquaternium-6 contributes to excellent skin feel. The suggested concentration is 1% ~ 2%.
  4. Polyquaternium-6 can improve the dispersion, direct nature, and activity of the functional elements used in hair and skincare.

Packing and Storage:

Polyquaternium-6 can be packed into 125 kg PE Drum.

200l plastic drum

Pack and preserve the product in a sealed, cool, dry condition, and avoid contacting strong oxidants. The term of validity: 12months. Transportation: Non-dangerous goods.


Polyquaternium-6 has no obvious irritation to the skin. Its main function in cosmetics and skin care products is antistatic. It is generally no side effect on pregnant. Polyquaternium-6 also can not cause acne.


polyquat-6, quaternium 6.


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