Tween-61, Emulsifier T-61


Tween-61 is a yellow-waxy solid. It is non-toxic and odorless. Tween-61 is soluble in water, sulphuric acid, and diluted alkalis. HLB value is 9.6.

Tween-61, known as polyoxyethylene (4) sorbitan monostearate, consists of sorbitol, ethylene oxide, and stearic acid. It is from pale-yellow to amber-colored oily liquid or paste at room temperature. It is soluble in ethanol, ethyl acetate, and toluene. It can also be dispersed in water.

Molecular Formula:


Structure Formula:

tween-61 structure formula


AppearanceYellow waxy solid
Acid value2mgKOH/g Max.
Saponification value90-110mgKOH/g
Hydroxyl value165-195mgKOH/g
Water3.0% Max.


Twee-61 is used as an emulsifier and wetting agent for medicine, food, textiles, cosmetics, and agricultural industries.

Twee-61 is often used as an emulsifier in some pharmaceuticals and food preparation. They are also used in cosmetics to solubilize essential oils into water-based and medical products, such as cream treatments for acne and topical treatments for mouth sores.

Packing and Storage:

200kg wide-mouthed iron drum, 100kg wide-mouthed plastic drum.

metal drum 200l plastic drum

Handle with care. Tween-61 is stored in a cool, dry, and draughty place. Shelf life is two years. Then, Tween-61 can still be used if qualified after re-check.


Emulsifier T-61.


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