IR-823 Silicone Surface Additive with Slight Reduction of Surface


IR-823Aralkyl modified polymethyl alkyl siloxane

Typical Properties:

Acid value, mg KOH/gDensity at 20°C, g/mlNon-volatile matter, %Flashpoint, °C
These properties are provided as typical properties. Not the product technical index.

Proposed Dosages:

Dosage based upon inorganic pigments, %
The above-recommended dosages strongly depend on pigment particle size. Therefore, the laboratory should calculate optimal dosages according to a different formula.


These additives slightly reduce the surface tension of paint systems, which thus improves flow and leveling and displays partial defoaming properties. Additionally, they prevent “Bénard Cell” formation.


Solvent-borne coatingsAqueous coatings

Addition Methods&Process Technology Instructions:

These additives can be added during any production process, including post-addition.

Special Features:

IR-823– IR-823 defoaming effect (i.e., no or only slight foam stabilization) depends on the polarity of the paint system. It is heat resistant up to 250°C and does not decrease inter-coat adhesion when overcoated.
– In inwood and furniture coatings, IR-823 is used to orient the flatting agent in flat topcoats and multi-coat systems.
– IR-823 cannot increase shine even in polyurethane, acid curing, and unsaturated polyester coatings, then the optimal orientation of the flatting agent can be achieved.
– Inflow coat systems, IR-823, provide a stable curtain.
– IR-823 supports the orientation of flatting agents and aluminum flakes in industrial coatings in metallics paints.


Packed in iron drums of 25 kg or 200 kg net each. The validity period is 12 months in sealed containers.

metal drum