IR-110 Organic Silicon Surface Additive (equivalent to TEGO-410)


IR-110 Polyether siloxane copolymer (equivalent to TEGO-410)

Typical Property

Density at 20°C g/ml Non-volatile matter % Flashpoint °C
IR-110 1.03 >97 >100
These properties are provided as typical properties. NOT THE PRODUCTS TECHNICAL INDEX.

Proposed Dosages

Wood and furniture coatings Waterborne and solvent industrial coatings Water-based varnish Printing inks Decorative coatings
IR-110 0.05-0.5% 0.03-0.3% 0.1-1% 0.05-1% 0.05-0.3%
The above-recommended dosages strongly depend on pigment particle size. Optimal dosages should be calculated in the laboratory according to a different formula.

Addition Methods&Process Technology Instructions

IR-110 – Add to the coating as supplied or after predilution.
– Conducive to addition and mix by adding suitable solvent for predilution


Flow leveling Water
Degassing effect Anti-crater effect Anti-blocking/
release effect
IR-110 2 4 5 0 5 4


Solvent-borne systems Solvent-free systems Aqueous systems
IR-108 Recommended Suitable Suitable
0=no effect……5=strong effect

Special Features

IR-110 – commonly used in waterborne, radiation-curing, and solvent-borne formulations
– outstanding effectiveness in high-solids formulations
– highly effective
– improve scratch resistance
– prevent and eliminate craters caused by contamination
– prevent patchy matting and surface irregularities in solvent-borne
formulations through the controlled orientation of the matting agent
– with additional anti-blocking effect