Polyetheramine D-400, JEFFAMINE D400 Equivalent


Polyetheramine D-400 is characterized by repeating oxypropylene units in the backbone. As shown by the representative structure, Polyetheramine D-400 is a difunctional, primary amine with an average molecular weight of about 430. The primary amine groups are located on secondary carbon atoms at the end of the aliphatic polyether chains.

CAS No.:


Molecular Formula:


Structure Formula:

JEFFAMINE D400 structure formula


Item Index
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Color, Pt-Co 30 Max.
Primary amine of total amine 97% Min.
Total acetylatables 4.2-4.9mmol/g
Total amine 4.1-4.7mmol/g
Water 0.25% Max.


Polyetheramine D-400 is an epoxy curing agent. It provides increased flexibility and toughness. The D-400 Polyetheramine can be used in polyurethanes, polyureas, and thermoplastic polyamide adhesives. Salts may be formed for use in cutting fluids. As the JEFFAMINE D400 equivalent, other benefits are all same as JEFFAMINE D400.

Packing and Storage:

Packed in barrels of 200kgs each with nitrogen. Product life is one year if stored in a cool dark place.




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